Attract Young Pros to Commercial Real Estate

Brokers can bring in talented, tech-savvy millennials if they make a few crucial changes to their processes and culture. The commercial real estate industry faces an era of exciting revitalization. But a pivot will be necessary in order to take advantage of it. A variety of interrelated factors—demographic ideals, changing workplace expectations, and the lingering [...]

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The Benefits and Challenges of Urbanization

Urbanization is a sign of the times. Since the Industrial Revolution, many people have moved to cities in hopes of better, more prosperous ways of living. As technologies evolve and the human population increases, the pressures to urbanize dramatically increase. By 2050, it’s expected that nearly 70% (revise hyperlink) 66-70% of the world’s population will [...]

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How Driverless Cars Will Reshape the Built Environment

It’s clear that driverless car technologies have the power to reshape our society. A new study sponsored by Intel and prepared by Strategy Analytics predicts driverless car technology could generate $800 billion in economic impact by 2035 — and $7 trillion by 2050. While many are focusing on how driverless cars could reduce commute times or make [...]

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The Pros and Cons of Coworking: Why Coworking is Essential for Today’s Business Model

Coworking spaces are becoming increasingly popular workplace alternatives for business employees, freelancers, and contractors all over the world. New and interactive environments are offering the benefits of improved resources and more creative, lively environments. A new report shows that coworking is so sustainable that the number of people working in coworking spaces is expected to [...]

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Leadership and Global Real Estate: How the CRE can take the lead on Urbanization

In 2008, a little observed milestone occurred. For the first time ever, the world’s population was evenly split between rural and urban areas. It is hard to overstate the importance of this development. After all, for millennia of recorded history, humans were hunter-gatherers, and later, farmers. As such, we spent most of our time first [...]

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Why The Coworking Trend Is On The Rise

Over the past several years, work environments have been redefined in many ways. Changing workplace demographics and generational needs have transformed traditional work spaces into more communal and productive places. In particular, coworking spaces--defined by shared or communal membership-based workspace settings where diverse groups of remote contractors, independent professionals, and freelancers work together--have become a [...]

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From Developed to Developing Cultures: How Millennials Are Influencing Our World

There has been, perhaps, no other generation that has garnered as much scrutiny and research as millennials have. Also known as Generation Y, they have simultaneously been described as narcissistic and socially conscious, lazy and entrepreneurial, religiously indifferent and compassionate and politically apathetic and civic-minded. The generation is so misunderstood and, at times, maligned that [...]

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How Millennials Are Redefining Leadership

After our look at Millennials’ values and their outlook in my most recent post, I’d like to zoom in on the next generation’s thoughts on leadership. What sort of leaders does Generation Y value in the workplace? And what sort of leaders are Millennials becoming as they experience their 30s? Right now, there seems to be [...]

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Coming of Age: Why Millennials’ Evolving Worldviews Matter

Building on my last post, which took a quantitative look at Millennials (or Generation Y), I would like to focus in this post on a more global view of the attitudes and values of the Millennial generation, the oldest members of which are now in their early 30s. The question at hand is: Does this generation [...]

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